“There were several companies that I looked at when considering non-subscription. I chose ERS because its founder literally wrote the book on non-subscription. I wanted the best, so I would not have to ever worry about a mistake or error. Over the past ten years, our savings have remained constant, as compared to workers’ compensation; exactly in line with ERS’ projections.”
Don Wollan
Franchisee Burger King
TGI Fridays

    Program Development and Loss Prevention

Trademarked Employee Safety Program® and Employment Risk Management Program® are the first and finest programs developed specifically for non-subscribers. Developed by Jim Martin and ERS, they are the only programs based on legal principles, pioneered by Jim Martin and over twenty-eight (28) years of practice.

Our staff includes: attorneys; certified Human Resources Specialists; Nursing; Claims Management; and, Safety Professionals.

The program develops and combines:

  • Employee Safety Program
  • Employee Guide to Health Safety®
  • Acknowledgment Forms
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • ERISA Qualified Occupational Employee Benefit Plan
  • Employment Policies and Procedures
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Enrollment of Employees in the Occupational Benefit Plan
  • Training Videos (Optional)
  • On-site Surveys (Optional) by ERS’ Safety Professionals
  • Pre-paid legal advice during time of contract
  • Claims Management (Optional)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Optional)