“There were several companies that I looked at when considering non-subscription. I chose ERS because its founder literally wrote the book on non-subscription. I wanted the best, so I would not have to ever worry about a mistake or error. Over the past ten years, our savings have remained constant, as compared to workers’ compensation; exactly in line with ERS’ projections.”
Don Wollan
Franchisee Burger King
TGI Fridays

Program Development and Loss Prevention
    About Employment Risk Systems

ERS stands for stability, innovation, and the foundation on which all modern non-subscription programs are based. This is because of the history of Jim Martin, who, for over thirty (30) years, has aided and assisted over 3,000 employers covering over 1,000,000 employees. Jim has practiced employment, health care and benefits law since 1974. Jim pioneered non-subscription, beginning in 1974, and developed it to its modern form of an occupational program that is an alternative to workers’ compensation. Jim developed policies, procedures and programs designed for prevention of legal liability. Based on his legal experience, Jim developed his expertise in human resources, loss prevention, claims handling, and how to remove lawyers from the occupational programs. Through observation of literally hundreds of defensive lawsuits of what employers did incorrectly, trademarked comprehensive programs were developed to significantly reduce exposure for losses and legal liability.

In 1991, ERS was formed to work with Jim’s law firm in the non-legal program areas. Although it has evolved, many of the same experts are with ERS today, one being Lisa Broadwater, Certified Human Resources Specialist, who now serves as President of ERS. Lisa has been with Jim even before ERS was formed.

1991 was not only the breakthrough year for ERS, but eyes were opened in the state due to thirty (30) all-day educational seminars Jim held around the state on his book, “The Law of Non-Subscription in Texas.” For thousands, this book covered, for the first time, the law of non-subscription; but also covered areas such as ERISA, loss prevention, claims handling, and how to defend and prevent lawsuits. It remains the only book ever published on the topic!

Jim, beginning in 1974 and through 1991, had already assisted over 1,200 businesses to become non-subscribers. But hundreds more began considering the option when his book and educational tour began. This was the first time that some Fortune 500 companies heard of non-subscription, and now, several large public companies, as well as large private employers, turn to Jim and ERS for information and guidance. These include companies such as Marriott Corp., HCA Inc., and Flowers Industries. One of ERS’ Fortune 500 clients has saved $17,000,000.00 each year since ERS set up their program in 1991; all of our other clients experience a similar percentage of savings, comparatively!